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CUSTOMER CONTACT WEEK LEARNING takes a two-fold approach, addressing both of the above challenges head on, bringing contact center L&D leaders up to speed on the latest in corporate learning trends relevant to the contact center while allowing quality and training managers to compare strategies and programs for equipping agents to deliver customer success.

Join us this December in Dallas for the first CCW focused exclusively on learning and development in the contact center. Get in touch with us for any event questions and we'd be happy to help!

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Special Report: Frictionless Experience

Nearly every business views the “effortless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail? What exactly constitutes “effort” in the eyes of the customer? What causes this effort? And how can it truly be reduced (or eliminated)? 

Key topics include: 
• Is effort really important to customers? 
• Why businesses should take “effortless” very seriously?
• Which KPIs can help measure customer effort? 
• 10 keys to reducing customer effort 
• 9-step checklist for using self-service to reduce effort

Interested in CCW Learning? Email us for a copy of the event brochure.

2017 CCW Post Show Report

Missed out on CCW this past June? Take a look at the 2017 CCW Post Show Report and get the inside scoop of the largest Customer Contact Event Series.

Speaker Feature: Troy Mills Speaker Profile

Serving as Chief Academic Officer of CCW University, Troy Mills joins us at CCW Learning to share a little more about the importance of investing in high-potential managers as well as the value of L&D in contact center organizations.

Interested in attending CCW Learning? Email us for a copy of the agenda.

Special Report: Future of CX Employees

Employees have always been the key to a great customer experience, and the evolving customer contact landscape makes them even more important. The “personal connection” is now the paramount differentiator, and agents are the ones in position to actually create those connections. With self-service increasingly handling transactional matters, agents are also shifting their focus to more nuanced, unpredictable interactions. How can we prepare agents for this future in which they have to more meaningfully connect with customers during more challenging conversations? This report has the answers: Why the rise of technology is really the rise of the employee • 8 requirements for a great contact center agent • 4 ways to prepare contact center agents for the future • 5 tips for increasing agent satisfaction • 4 reasons to reconsider outsourcing

Customer Contact Week Learning: In the News

Customer Contact Week Learning compiled some leading articles and resources on just how L&D and training is being utilized to maximize value for all stakeholders.

If you are interested in attending CCW Learning, feel free to email us for a copy of the agenda.

Rethinking Contact Center Learning - Brought to you by Lessonly

It is important to rethink every interaction that you have with your customer and ensure that your agents are trained to adapt to growing customer demands. How can you create an environment that helps your reps get up to speed fast?

Customer Contact Week Learning Session Infographic

We identified key challenges today’s contact center executives and L&D leaders are faced with through extensive research and speaking with our community. The Customer Contact Week Learning agenda has been built to answer your top challenges.

The Changing Nature of the Worker - Brought to you by Pandexio

Brought to you by our event partner Pandexio, they've put together an infographic with key facts and stats from user research and expert insights.